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Netmath: 5 Essential Features for Teachers

Author: Scolab | Publish on October 4, 2016

Tools designed for you

With Netmath, we aim to save you time in supporting students throughout their learning. Valuable time that you can reuse to resolve areas identified as obstacles to learning. For this, we have developed a number of features to facilitate your work as a teacher.

Here are the 5 essential features of Netmath.

1. View activities per curriculum

It is possible for you to use our additional menu to consult our activities aligned to your standard: Progression of Learning (Québec), The Ontario Curriculum and the Alberta and Manitoba Mathematics Program of Studies.

Did you know?
Adding activities to your favorites allows you to reproduce your lessons on Netmath, and find them from one year to the next. You can also share them with your colleagues.

2. Sending activities

Whether for verifying knowledge or consolidating a learning point through practice, sending activities allows you to assign exercises to one or several students individually, or indeed the entire class. Sending activities thus facilitates the implementation of differentiated instruction taking into account the difficulties of each student.

3. Dynamic activities

When a student completes a exercise, whether they are correct or not, they receive an automatic answer. If they made a mistake, a detailed solution appears to help them understand the process that leads to the answer. The instant feedback is therefore a good tool to allow students to develop their independence! This allows teachers to focus their interventions to ensure that students progresses at their own pace and that they understand the fundamentals of each concept. Furthermore, students can repeat the same exercise as many times as necessary with new data, whether to practice more or attempt to arrive at a correct answer. Observe how many times a student has started the same exercise through the monitoring tables.

The fact that students work on the same exercise with different data can help promote exchange and support between students in class.

4. Reports

The “Reports” tab, accessible from the menu, gives you access to a number of reports that group valuable information together to assess the progress of your students. To obtain this data, the procedure is simple: send specific activities to one or more of your students, or to the entire class, set your expectations and then see the success rate. This information will allow you to quickly and easily identify the difficulties of each student and amongst other things, you will find a detailed report as such. More details here.

5. The flag

From the very beginning of this great adventure, Netmath was conceived and created in collaboration with professionals from the education sector. The flag on the top right of your activity page, allows you to report a problem or mistake, or to submit an idea and give us feedback.

We are committed to offering support and guidance in your use of Netmath and we are very keen to hear about your recommendations. The platform is constantly improved based on the feedback and suggestions that you are making. So don’t hesitate to use this feature!

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