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Taking it further

Mission 1: The Lost Talisman

Author: Scolab | Publish on April 6, 2018

Practice numbers and operations while helping Aryabhata, an Indian mathematician and astronomer around the year 600.

The Netmath missions are problem-solving activities that stand out from the rest of the content offered on the platform. More complex, these activities immerse the students in an exciting adventure connected with the history of mathematics. Their mission? Restore all the math knowledge to help Alfred save the great city of Mathlantis threatened by Dr. Chaos.

In this very first mission, the students are teleported to a public market in the Middle East, somewhere in time around the year 600. They meet Aryabhata, Indian mathematician and astronomer, author of the Âryabhatîya, the famous Indian astronomy treatise. He is looking for his talisman, which he claims will have an important impact on the mathematical knowledge of all humanity.

To retrieve the talisman from the person who found it in a far away market, they will have to solve many puzzles and problems focusing on numbers and operations.

The missions are accessible for the 6th year of primary school through to the 3rd year of secondary school. However, they are not all available to students from the outset. Instead, students must unlock them by completing a set number of activities with a grade of 100%.

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