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The bike lock

Author: Scolab | Publish on September 19, 2022

Grades 5 and 6

Our Math Maestro, Jean François, is proposing a fun little riddle to revisit a couple of concepts. It can be done alone or in teams. The goal of this activity is to revisit students’ knowledge of the concepts of adding with carrying and subtracting with borrowing. You’ll love this fun approach to these concepts!

The activity includes a sheet for the students (The bike lock sheet), a virtual combination lock and instructions for the teacher to successfully carry out the activity in class.

Math Maestro Jean-François will have other, equally stimulating, activities for you during the year!

Netmath activities

To continue your exploration of the addition and subtraction algorithm, here are some activities you’ll find in Netmath:

Grade 5 - Operations involving numbers

  • Exploring the addition of natural numbers
  • Exploring the subtraction of natural numbers

Grade 6 - Operations involving numbers

  • Find the missing term in an equation (+ and -)
  • Find the missing term in an equation (+ and -) (2)

To make things easier for you, we’ve created collections* for you that already group these activities together. Click on the link to access them and add them to your collections. After that, you can change them as needed.

» See the other activities in the Teacher’s Trove

* Note: You need to be logged in to Netmath to access them.

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