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5 Good Reasons to Try Netmath

Author: Scolab | Publish on June 7, 2017

All you need to know about the number 1 digital learning resource for mathematics in Canada!

Mathematics, let’s face it, is often the bane of students, but also parents. Who has not spent hours explaining to their child how to solve a homework problem? In the classroom, motivating and stimulating students, as well as helping them understand mathematical concepts, is not an easy task for teachers.

The challenge we wanted to meet with Netmath* was to make students love mathematics. In addition to motivating them to become more independent in their learning, and thus save time for teachers and parents.

Here are 5 good reasons to test the platform


*Netmath is a math learning and practice platform available online. For more information go to: www.netmath.ca

1. Thousands of activities aligned with the curriculum of your district

On Netmath, you will find over 15 000 stimulating activities designed for the majority of primary and secondary levels. To stay as close to the curriculum of each level, they have been aligned with the curriculums of Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. And as we are committed to covering the entire curriculums, we regularly add new activities to Netmath.

2. An interactive universe that inspires and motivates students

Learning mathematics has never been so rewarding! And it is not us who say it, but the students.


The Netmath universe is filled with endearing characters, each with its own personality. Alfred, Alice and the others lead you on a thrilling adventure in the footsteps of the greatest mathematicians of the past 2000 years. The students become stars hunters as they recover them when completing activities and accumulating badges.

3. Tools designed for educators

Detailed reports, real-time progress tracking of your class, differentiation tools, automated corrections, Netmath offers an array of features to facilitate the work of teachers. The goal? Allowing them to save valuable time to better focus on the weaknesses of students.

Netmath has been created in collaboration with professionals in the education system. The platform is also being constantly improved based on feedback and suggestions from the teachers that we assist in their daily use.

4. Students with more independence in the classroom and at home

Involving students by providing challenging activities is not enough. We must also support them in the learning process, and this takes time. Thus, we have made sure that students are more autonomous thanks audio playback instructions, a glossary, detailed solutions, demonstrations and infinite regeneration of problems. So the students have fun learning and progress at their own pace. They also have less need of your help to understand and complete the activities.

5. Number 1 digital learning resource for mathematics in Canada

Netmath is now the most popular interactive mathematics learning program for students and teachers, in Ontario and Quebec in particular. The Ministère de l’Éducation du Québec awarded it a 5 star rating. Present in over 4000 schools and more than 5500 homes, it offers more than 20 000 pages of activities in mathematics for primary and secondary school. Netmath is available online.


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