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3 Things to Do to Celebrate Halloween with Netmath!

Author: Scolab | Publish on October 27, 2017

Students + Maths + Halloween = …

Halloween is for sure one of the favorite celebrations of the Netmath team. So, we offer you to celebrate it together with 3 little activities very simple to organize in your class.

Step 1: decorate your classroom for Halloween

Kahmon, Oscario and Bouh are back to haunt your classroom happily. Download our 3 Halloween wallpapers, print them and use them to decorate your class.

Your students can use these 3 little monsters as avatars on their Netmath accounts. Find out more about their story here >>

YY ..

Step 2: make your own mask of Alfred

Get your students into the mood for Halloween by welcoming them disguised as our mascot, Alfred. Print our ready-to-cut mask below and give it life. You can also organize a mask-creation activity during class hours with your students.


Step 3: solve our Sonya’s Halloween special challenge with your students on Netmath

An army of little monsters is at the gates of Mathlantis, ready to sweep the streets of our beautiful city in search of candies. With the fog, Sonya finds it hard to distinguish them. Help her to see better how this army of monsters is formed so that she can prepare for the distribution of treats.


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