The 5 Unmissable Activities to Practice Representing Fractions on Netmath

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Ideal for Primary School learning and Secondary School reviewing

Representing fractions is a difficult concept to apply even for secondary school students. To help them, here are 4 key activities and 1 exploration that offer visual and various manipulation tools to promote understanding and give meaning to the notion of fraction. I will let you discover them for yourself!


Grade 3



Grade 4



Grade 5



Grade 6





These activities aim to represent fractions in different ways:

  • Part of a whole
  • Part-part (ratio)
  • Division of a set of objects (sharing)
  • Division of a set of objects (grouping)

Regarding the Exploration, it is the same for all levels. It is a collection of the manipulation objects found in the various activities that relate to this knowledge. The teacher can use it in class to initiate reflections or to go further after having sent the activity to the students.

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