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09.27.2021 | Simon Lavallée
New activities to promote the memorization of number facts

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09.14.2021 | Athlene Whyte
Setting Goals with Your Child

Children have different emotions about returning to school each year. Some children are excited, some are anxious, and some may be a little scared. Setting personal goals with your child can help them to think about what they want to achieve, moti

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06.29.2021 | Athlene Whyte
First Steps in Homeschooling Your Child

Homeschooling is an education option that many families around the world are choosing instead of sending their children to traditional public or private schools. Families instead opt to educate their children at home. The reasons so many families

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11.25.2020 | Athlene Whyte
Turn Math into a Cool Math Game

Games are entertaining. That’s why children (and adults) love games! By turning math learning time into a cool math game, your child can have fun and build math skills at the same time.

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11.10.2020 | Athlene Whyte
How Can I Motivate My Child at Home in Math?

Curiosity and motivation are key to math success.

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