Accessibility roadmap

Below you will find details on the more practical aspects of implementing accessibility at Scolab. Here is the outline of:

  • Short-term goals: Our team has been asked to work on this as our next objective.
  • Long-term objectives: The large-scope, long-term objectives that we have shared with all teams and that are considered in our larger business roadmap.
  • Progress: What we have done up to now to move toward those goals.

Last update: October 2020

Sort term goals

  1. Train our production staff and management team.
  2. Establish and publish a more comprehensive technological roadmap.
  3. Comply with WCAG 2 Level A for the set of user interfaces required by users to access our content and participate in the classroom experience with their teammates.
  4. Have a method to explicitly set out which part of our content is accessible.
  5. Include assistive technologies and WCAG in our quality assurance process.

Long term objectives

  1. Implement and maintain compliance with WCAG AA standards on all chosen product components.
  2. Run test groups of students with accessibility needs.
  3. Obtain a first compliance assessment by a third party which can be provided to school officials, teachers and parents.
  4. Achieve accessibility for the following components of our product:
    1. Platform functionalities needed to provide access to our content.
    2. An adapted validation loop and navigable content structure for our activity workbook.
    3. A useful subset of interactive objects that can be used when creating content for our activity workbook.
    4. A set of interactive activities that have been built using the core accessible components.
    5. A method of providing access to alternative (but pedagogically equivalent) material to the more complex and less accessible activities.
  5. Ensure accessible navigation for the core student experience.
  6. Provide an accessible “core experience” in our interactive content through interactive objects that have been proven to be effective in teaching.

Scolab accessibility statement

Read about the Scolab Accessibility Statement here.

Contact person for accessibility at Scolab

For any questions on our commitment to accessibility or to address specific cases, do not hesitate to contact us:

Mathieu Sylvain
Accessibility Officer
Director of Development and IT