Purchasing and Licensing Process

Buzzmath Purchasing and Licensing Process

Do you have questions about the entire purchasing and licensing of Buzzmath? You’re on the right page!


The following are the usual steps to go through when acquiring and setting up Buzzmath:

  1. Request an online quote and receive it instantly by email.
  2. Confirm your purchase by email or send a purchase order (PO) if needed by your institution.
  3. Receive your invoice and fill out a form to complete your Buzzmath subscription.
  4. Receive your activation codes by email and activate your teacher account along with your students’ accounts.
  5. From this point, you can log in to access your account and start using it.
  6. Proceed with payment by check or credit card.


If the previous list does not answer your questions, you call our support team at 1-888-528-8878 or head to our “Contact Us” page for more communication options.