• 5 new activities for that time of the year

    Time to challenge your students with these new activities. Our team here of content producers have worked their magic to provide new activities to Buzzmath that students love. We predict ton of fun! Find more information below: Data, Graphs, and Probability Using Linear Models Two Way Tables Geometry and Measurement…

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  • The Buzzmath challenge from Sonya

    Guess the correct weight! Here is small problem to heat up your brains and your students’ this week. Too hard or too simple? Don’t hesitate to let us know!

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  • How to Add New Student in your Class?

    Adding a new student is quick and easy! To add new student, you need to give them the activation code, ask them to create their account on and then you will see their name in your list under Roster&Admin. You can find the activation code by clicking on Roster&Admin,…

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