OUR EXPERT ANSWERS #3: “How should kids be learning Math today?” (video)

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Math Education in the Digital Age

In his latest article “Our expert talks”, Sunil Singh explains how the Digital revolution has called learning methods into question by offering new and free opportunities for mass learning and skills development. Sunil observes that this questioning has not occurred in Math education yet, and that most students see math as a closed, dead-end field in which there are no discoveries left to be made. But what should Math education be like today, and what does its future hold? Our expert answers this question in a new video!

Next Monday, Sunil will continue his discussion of the changes that should made to align the teaching of mathematics with society’s current goals. Until then, please share any thoughts you might have about the future of Math education, and feel free to send any questions Sunil’s way!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7m-rhHIlU8]