Did You Know that Grades 3 to 5 Are Available on Buzzmath?

By in Sunil's sandbox

A whopping 200+ new activities for Grades 3 – 4 – 5 to try

The Buzzmath team has been busy! We added 48 activities for the 3rd Grade, 99 activities for the 4th Grade, and 51 activities for the 5th Grade. Have you tried them already?

Many of these activities have been designed to help developing, understanding, and working with numbers in base ten, as well as numbers that are fractions. They require students to use the four basic operations with multi-digit whole numbers and with fractions, and help to build a foundation using place value and decomposition of these numbers. Students can, for example, build fraction models to understand equivalent fractions, and use these models to add or subtract fractions.

You will also find activities that cover algebraic concepts, measurement, geometry, ratios and proportional relationships, and data.

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