Best social mentions for April

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What happened in April on our social media?

After the great debate sparked by our Math expert Sunil Singh’s video: “How can we explain fractions without using division?”, many of you chimed in with your reactions to his new video “The Easiest Way to Divide”. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

OUR EXPERT ANSWERS #7: "The Easiest Way to Divide”

In his last video, our Math specialist Sunil Singh showed us how to explain fractions without doing a single division. This time, he kicks it up a notch by showing us the easiest way to divide big numbers! So, is it still as intimidating as you thought?

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We also received this great pic from Sunil, who attended the NCTM Annual Meeting last week.

Read his report on this major Math education event here.

Last but not least, here is the solution to Sonya’s latest challenge:


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Thanks again for your support, and see you next month!