“A World Of Hertz”: A New Mission on Buzzmath

By in Buzzmath-EN


Reconstruct BuzzCity? Mission accepted!

Star hunters, here we go on an all new adventure! The most important of all and probably the most exciting too.


All the devices that regulate BuzzCity’s mathematical knowledge have been sabotaged. All of history’s mathematicians have been mobilized. We have just learned the secret identity of the person responsible for this disaster: Doctor Chaos! Not only has he taken control of the BuzzCity tower, but in the future, he plans to capture Alfred and so disrupt all of our mathematical knowledge. What a sinister character!

Dr. Chaos has set traps throughout the BuzzCity control tower, which you must get through to save the world of mathematics. This time it will be more than a mission to test your mathematical knowledge, but also a mission that will appeal to your logical mind, as these traps contain secret codes to decipher, keys to discover, and electronic circuits to set up, all this often in a race against time that you need to win to save Alfred and BuzzCity.


Good luck in this new and electrifying adventure in BuzzCity!