The People Behind Netmath: Mathieu

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Bringing Netmath’s colourful world to life

The Netmath world is full of engaging characters who lead students on exciting adventures through one thousand and one math challenges. Mathieu, our illustrator, is the one who creates – and continues to develop – this colourful world! Get to know him below.

Me at Scolab

I’ve worked for Scolab as an illustrator since 2008. As far back as I can remember, I’ve always drawn, from pencil crayons as a child right up to today. At CÉGEP, I studied 2D animation. I started out in video games, then moved to comics, advertising, and animated series before coming to Scolab.

I design all of the illustrations and other visual elements that you can see on Netmath. I like to see the world in which students grow come to life with my drawings. That’s what gives Netmath its personality: a playful and colourful world that has its own galaxy of fun characters.I believe it contributes to keeping students motivated in their learning. When I draw, I think about the educational platform that I would have dreamed of having when I was young. A world of adventures and puzzles, where games and enjoyment are at the core of learning. Currently, I’m working on refreshing the banners and interfaces for the new version of Netmath, which will be more modern and even more attractive [Editor’s note: more information about that coming your way soon!]


Me in 3.14

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  • Cartoons
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1 video

This video sums up what I like, artistically speaking.


4 images to describe my week

Prioritizing the image requests I receive


Making sketches


Drawing the final images


Listening and proposing ideas with the Design, Content, and Marketing teams


Our characters and our world help make teaching math more fun and motivating for students.

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