AGE on Netmath: Hundreds of Math Activities Designed for Adult Education

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Learn or update your math skills at a reduced price!

Netmath now offers hundreds of activities that are aligned with the Adult General Education (AGE) program for people who want to learn or update math skills. 

These activities cover what is set out in the Common Core Basic Education (CCBE) and Diversified Basic Education (DBE) programs. They include a total of 670 activities, including 271 in CCBE Secondary 1-2 (two initials per year), 170 in DBE Secondary 3 (three initials), 229 in DBE Secondary 4 (three initials for each of the three options: Cultural, Social and Technical (CST), Technical and Scientific (TS) and Science (S)).

Some of the concepts addressed include: arithmetic applied to finances, algebraic modelling, data collection, statistical and probability studies, geometric representation, and more.


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Access to the Adult General Education activities requires registering for a subscription. For the launch of this new program on the platform, Netmath has decided to offer a special price of $2.50 +tax per student on subscriptions for the rest of the 2017/2018 school year. Don’t miss this opportunity!

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