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At Netmath, we are at the forefront of exciting changes in the way we are teaching and learning mathematics. As such, we have created a dynamic platform that addresses these challenges and offers specific benefits for everyone in the learning community.

Let us help you equip your students and teachers with technological resources to optimize the engagement and release the joy of learning.

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10 000+ Problems Aligned With Each Province’s Math Curriculum

Access activities from a spectrum of grades to develop stronger diagnostic feedback.

Send assignments

Easy To Manage Differentiated Classrooms

Quickly send assignments to the whole class or individuals to fit the learnings needs of all students.

Get Faster Feedback and Save Time Marking

Use our instant corrections and infinite retries with flexible accuracy settings to make your classrooms better adapted to 21st century assessment strategies.

Powerful Assessment-as-Learning Tools and Reports

Manage and organize classroom data to optimize student learning and achievement.

Encourage Initiative and Autonomous Learning

Have students take charge of their learning with on-demand mathematics activities, examples, visual glossary and detailed solutions.

Learn About The History of Math Through Gamification

Have students collect enough gold stars through completed activities to go on challenging missions with famous mathematicians.

Better Engagement and Fun in Responding To Questions

Students can draw, move and toggle objects to help formulate their answers.

Administration Tools to Manage your School

Integrated Motivation for Deeper Learning

With our Award-Winning Open Badge design, students are motivated to succeed and improve their ability to learn.

Flexible To Your Board’s Technological Requirements

Our platform is easily accessible online with ipads, Chrome books, laptops and desktop computers.

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