What’s new 2020-2021

What’s new
this year?

Several new features to propel your Netmath experience to another level!

We are very pleased to have you with us for the new school year. Over the summer, we worked hard to improve the Netmath experience by making the platform easier to use.

For all teachers

Easier class management

A modified design that makes it easier to see your class and simpler to manage the activation of your students.

New activation available for your students

Since student accounts will now be archived each year, you can activate your students yourself! No more forgotten passwords or account searches.

Resources to the rescue!

Discover our page featuring all of the resources available to improve your Netmath experience. Also available from the Web app.

For grades 1 and 2

Welcome, Grade 1 and Grade 2 teachers! Using a new technological tool with young children can seem like a tall order! That’s why we’ve developed several videos to introduce you to the Netmath universe.

Connection and activation

Discover how to connect and how to add your students to your class.

A visual approach to make it easy for students to connect

Find out how to give your students access to the Netmath universe.

Taking your first steps on the platform

Take a peek at the Netmath 1-2 activity to understand the platform’s various tools. Go to the student account to discover it.

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