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Leadership and Vision from a Math Expert

Over his 20 years of classroom experience and a decade of leadership, Sunil has acquired a deep amount of knowledge, particularly around the four distinct curricula: Common Core, Canadian, Cambridge IGCSE and the International Baccalaureate. He also contributes on a regular basis to The New York Times Numberplay Blog. He is also one of the Ambassadors of The Global Math Project and has a book called “Pi of Life: The Hidden Happiness of Mathematics” coming out in Fall 2017. He made us very proud when he accepted to join our Sales team at Scolab.


Me at Scolab

I have taken my passion, energy and knowledge of mathematics into an exciting sales position with the company. I am on the front lines contacting schools and districts all over Ontario and Canada at large about Netmath. I have the amazing opportunity to talk with math teachers from various parts of the country and introduce them to all the great features and benefits of our growing Netmath resource. I have the privilege of discussing and sharing ideas about contemporary and creative mathematics with teachers, parents and students from all over North America! I am delighted to be an important part of building a community of teachers and learners here at Netmath. 

I am also an ambassador for The Global Math Project that will organize the Global Math Week in October 2017. It is an important and fun opportunity for me to communicate my love of Mathematics!


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