Looking Back at Netmath’s Can You Math Challenge 2017

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The best moments

March, April and May were characterized by an event that is becoming a must in Canadian schools: the Can You Math challenge. Created four years ago by our team, this annual event has broken a new participation record: more than 95 000 students took on the challenge!

In addition to offering a thorough revision period before the end-of-year exams, the first aim of the CYM is to provide teachers and students with a federating classroom experience centred around mathematics. What were the highlights of this adventure?


A launch to be remembered at the Saint-Louis-de-France primary school!

Luc and Simon from the Netmath team traveled to the Saint-Louis-de-France primary school in Lévis, Quebec, be present in Sébastien’s class as they launched the Netmath Can You Math Challenge training camp, on March 20th, in a crazy atmosphere! (Videos in French)

La Journée des Maths, c'est parti!

On est dans la classe de Sébastien à l'école Saint-Louis-de-France au Québec pour le lancement du camp d'entraînement du concours de la Journée des Maths.

Posted by Netmath.ca on Monday, March 20, 2017


Journée des Maths 2017: Retour sur l'ouverture du camp d’entra…

Retour avec Luc et Simon de Netmath.ca sur le lancement de feu du camp d'entrainement à l'école Saint-Louis-de-France à Lévis! Vous voulez participer à la Journée des Maths? Voici comment faire : http://bit.ly/2nxFIO1

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How to prepare for the contest, all explained in a hilarious video!

Prior to the competition, one of our Scolaborators, Jonathan, challenged himself to help teachers organize the contest in their class. The result: a video that seems to have greatly amused you!

How does Netmath’s Can You Math Challenge Play Out?

Netmath's Can You Math? Challenge begins very soon! So, let's be ready!Information and registration at www.canyoumath.ca

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The CYM: those who speak about it the best are Education specialists

Mr. Will Kwon, Principal of Our Lady of Wisdom Regional School in Ontario, talks about the CYM contest on video!

The CYM experience in Our Lady of Wisdom Regional School

The Journée des Maths | Netmath's Can You Math? Challenge 2017 experience in Our Lady of Wisdom Regional School, Ontario!With already more than 70 000 participants, the contest will end on Friday, at 4 pm. So, join the competition right now! www.canyoumath.ca

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A shared collective experience on social media!

Many teachers made it possible for us to live and follow the CYM contest experience of their school via social media. Thanks to everyone for these wonderful shared moments!


Once again, we would like to congratulate the schools, classes and students who ranked first this year. Congratulations!

The CYM has ended, but the adventure never stops on Netmath!