New Version 2019-2020

Netmath Evolves!

A new version will be launched at the beginning of the school year with lots of new features.

New Feedback Loop

Netmath’s number-one mission is to offer students a world of mathematics learning that is fun and motivating. In keeping with this, we have rethought how feedback is designed within an activity so that students can repeat certain questions without having to start the activity all over again. This new feature will help keep students motivated and build their resilience.

First attempt. The student submits their answer.

Oops! Not quite the right answer. Netmath gives a clue and allows the student to try again without having to go right back to the beginning.

The student stays motivated and thinks about their mistake without being distracted by the thought of having to start all over again.

Eureka! Taking a moment to think about it paid off: the student redoes the question and prepares their new answer.

Success! The student finds the correct answer with a heightened level of engagement.

Modernized Technology: Speed and Simplicity!

Netmath is in better shape than ever! The loading time for activities is now almost 50% faster! But we can’t guarantee that you’ll find the answers any faster! 😉

We migrated the platform and activities to a more current technology, HTML5, which will improve your experience and provide you with new functionalities faster than ever before.

A New Activity Book and its Functionalities

Among the new features is a revamped activity book that has been designed to better respond to expectations and to students’ practice methods. With an eye to detail, we have improved the tools and how they are used, in particular the glossary, calculator, text-to-speech synthesis, pencil and results panel.

The glossary, a treasury of knowledge…

…at your fingertips! Access the glossary in context, instantly and without having to leave Netmath.

A calculator with a memory

The calculator now keeps the history of the operations performed so that students can better understand their steps.

Speech synthesis

Your student is having reading difficulties or is visually impaired? No problem, they can simply click on the speech synthesis to listen to the question.

The new pencil shows its colours

Scribble, scrawl, take notes! The new pencil offers students the freedom needed to reason and to solve the interactive activities.

A revamped results panel

Available in limited version for a few months, the new results panel is now available everywhere for all teachers and parents.

Redesigned Interactive Objects

Our research on students’ use of our objects pushed the team to redesign the objects so that they better respond to students’ needs and are more enjoyable and user-friendly.

The newly designed protractor tool is more intuitive and dynamic to use.

The bar graph has undergone a well-deserved redesign.

The new version of the Cartesian plane offers enhanced usability.

The new version of the Cartesian plane offers enhanced usability.

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