The Best of our Social Media in May

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This month, we’ve got lots of news you won’t want to miss!


Review camp, activities to prepare students for standardized testing and Adult General Education… the month of May was chock-full of new content on Netmath and you may have missed some of our announcements on social media. Now, we’re taking a look back here!  


“Ready, Set, Math!” review camp is here to help with your end-of-year recap.

Have you tried it? Intended for students in primary and secondary grades, the “Ready, Set, Math!” camp includes 500 math exercises carefully selected by our team to provide a complete review of everything your students learned throughout the year.

Available on the home page in your Netmath account, these activities are also offered to everyone for free and without a subscription. Talk to your colleagues about it!



9 new activities to prepare for the Examination session.

Our teams are committed to doing everything they can to facilitate your teaching and support student success. That’s why we are offering nine new activities to help prepare for ministerial examinations for students from the 6th year of primary school to the 4th year of secondary school. So you can tackle this end-of-year challenge worry-free!

A free version that does not require a subscription is also available.


Hundreds of activities dedicated to Adult General Education.

We weren’t lying, the month of May really was full of new developments! Adults who want to learn or update math skills can now access hundreds of activities aligned with the AGE program on Netmath.


And it doesn’t stop there! Here’s a quick summary of this month:

Achievement certificates are now available to congratulate students who reached for the stars for the progress they made all year long ⭐⭐⭐⭐


We won the Successful Business Inc. prize from the OSEntreprendre Challenge 🏅


Two new challenges from Sonya have been added. Solve these puzzles with your students 🔎

Pssst… Sonya got a new look!


And our stars of the month are…

You, the teachers!

This month, we celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week (#TeacherAppreciationWeek). We are proud to work alongside you throughout the entire year!