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  • Netmath Defi de Sonya Barista

    The Barista

    A challenge that will really get those neurons firing! To get ready for a teaching day, what is your favorite…

  • The Marble Salesman

    Help Sonya choose the bin with the right marbles. Are you ready to take up the challenge? Sonya faces a…

  • Sonya and Friends

     Let’s start the week with a little brain teaser! Sonya recently created a group for people who love math. The…

  • Sonya’s Machine

    A new challenge in 6 levels! Sonya invented a machine that chooses a rule and applies it to all the…

  • Netmath’s Can You Math Challenge: How to Get Ready?

      Help your students get ready for Netmath’s Can You Math Challenge with the Training Camp!   As we announced…

  • Geometry of Numbers

    Sonya’s challenge for March! The Spring Break week is in full swing, but it doesn’t mean that you brain should…