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Well-being and happiness in the heart of business

On July 12, 2004, Tom founded Scolab, the studio that created and develops Netmath, with his friends Carl, Jean-Philippe and Steve. He is now the Sales, Support and Marketing Director. Two missions drive Tom’s days: the relationship with the customer and the well-being of his employees. He is committed to making the Netmath experience as pleasant as possible, both internally and for its users. Learn a little more about him.

Me at Scolab

I am a programmer by training, but after having founded Scolab in 2004, the title of education technology entrepreneur has led me to wear several hats! In my 12-year career, I have been able to do administration, recruitment, accounting, phone support, sales, programming, school training and more!

My role at Netmath is to make the customer experience enjoyable, from the moment the teacher decides to use Netmath until the renewal of their subscription and the support offered during the year. I manage a dynamic team that is directly connected to the clients and that is entirely dedicated to this mission. Within the growing family of Scolab, I also make sure that all employees and collaborators are happy! If someone needs something, they can come and talk to me about it, I’ll help them!


Me in 3.14

3 key words

  • Technology (I love it and I spend too much on it!)
  • The Simpsons (Love, Love, Love!)
  • Pizza (Yum! Yum! Yum!)


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It reminds me of my dog Pogo!


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The most important first: Empty the dishwasher 😉



Keeping the company going, ensure that nothing is lacking in the office!


Solve our client’s minor glitches, make them happy!


Establish objectives for growth and find the talent to achieve them