New on Netmath: 9 activities to help you prepare for the Examination Session

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Now you can tackle uniform ministerial examinations calmly


The end of the year is approaching. Are your students taking the Examination session? Yes? Then this is for you!

On Netmath, we are offering nine specially-designed activities to help students get some practice in before the big day. Intended for students from Elementary 6 and Secondary 4, these activities provide a complete review of the learning covered by the ministerial examinations for the Science (S), Technical and Scientific (TS) and Cultural, Social and Technological (CST) options. By preparing for exams in a fun and familiar environment, your students will be ready to take on the challenge waiting for them, stress-free. These new tools are now available in your Netmath account – try them out!

In detail, here are the activities offered:


Elementary 6 – Compulsory Examination


Alfred’s version

Tick-Tock’s version

Sonya’s version


Secondary 4 – Uniform Examinations


Science (S)

Section A (Multiple choice)

Section B (Short answers)


Technical and Scientific (TS)

Section A (Multiple choice)

Section B (Short answers)


Cultural, Social and Technological (CST)

Section A (Multiple choice)

Section B (Short answers)


Not a Netmath subscriber? Access to the open to all version.




Happy studying and good luck!