Activate Your Netmath Account in 5 Steps

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Are you subscribed to Netmath for the new school year? Here’s how to activate your account in 5 steps.

Step 1 – Recover your teacher’s code

If your school board or school has a subscription to Netmath for this year, you should have received your codes by email. If this is not the case, to get the codes, contact the head of your establishment or the person responsible for Netmath in your school.

Step 2 – Activate your teacher’s account

Go to the activation page.

Step 3 – Create your account

Enter your email address – preferably your school email address – and a password that will allow you to connect to your account.

Step 4 – Distribute the “student” code to the class

This code is available directly in Netmath, in your “teacher” account in the section “Class Codes”.

Step 5 – Activate your students’ accounts

Follow the same procedure outlined in steps 2 and 3 for each student.

You are not familiar with Netmath?
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