Self-Training Level 4

The 4th level will allow you to adapt your use of different features to various teaching contexts. It’s particularly relevant if you have to work with several teachers or if you are in charge of managing several accounts. We’ll try to teach you the flexibility necessary to acquire the prestigious title of Netmath “master”!

Choose a station :


Let’s browse two stations that bring together the key elements you need to fully understand the tools available to teachers and that will enable you to use the Netmath environment to its full potential.


Station 1:The Reports

Station 2: The Calendar

Station 1 : The Reports

Here, we will look at the different tools available to you to learn more about your students’ use of the platform. We’ll start by exploring all the reports to which you have access.

Track assignments

When you send an activity, you can see what has been done by your students.

1- First, the time interval allows you to target a specific period so that you can quickly identify the activities you send to your students based on the date sent.


2- For each activity, you have access to:

  • The date the activities were sent
  • The number of students who completed the activities
  • The number of students who started the activities
  • The number of students who received the activities
  • The time engaged by each student on the activities

Content Report

This report gives access to all the activities opened by the students on a given timescale.

The content report is therefore more suitable if you did not send activities to the students. For example, during a class period in which you used Netmath, the content report could be used to check if some students did anything other than the submitted activities.


Individual Report

In this report, you will find information related to the account of each of your students.

By selecting the student’s name, you can switch from one account to another … great for a parent meeting!


Star Report

On this part of the platform, you can get a report to stimulate your students to surpass themselves.

You can choose to monitor a particular section of the content or, as is the case here, observe the progress of your students in all subjects.


By clicking on the title of each column, you can rearrange the order of the list. The top menus allow you to change the group and the level.


Time Report

This report makes it easy to compare student usage time. It can be very revealing of the level of participation of students in the class.


1- The first two columns in the table are respectively linked to the time that the students spent in class and the time spent outside class on the platform. It is only connection time that makes this distinction.

2- The last column shows the number of times the student has logged into Netmath within the specified time interval.

Finally, note that for all reports, it is possible to export the data in spreadsheet format or to print it. Just click on the option of your choice at the top of the screen. These two options are perfect for showing student progress in your classroom!

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And that concludes the first station. Let’s take a short break. I encourage you to use it to go check out the different features that we just talked about. That’s the best way to refine your understanding and to see if you have any questions to ask me about them.

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Station 2 : The Calendar

You will find calendar options on the screen of each report.

The process for changing the schedule is the same on each screen.

Press one of the dates to display the options. Select the “Modify/Add” button to adjust the number and duration of the school semesters.

Note that the calendar changes will affect all the classes in your school.

You will be able to make changes to the length of the school year and the start and end dates of each semester for your school.

Once the changes are made, you must complete the information entered by pressing Save.

You can also adjust the start and end time of school days. This is the parameter that determines whether the student has done their work at school or at home.

This parameter can be accessed in the Time Report.

Simply click on DEFINE in the IN CLASS column heading.


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Phew! You worked really hard in this station! Let’s take a short break. Take advantage of it to go exploring again. If you have questions, here’s my email again:

Hello! I’m Sonya, Netmath journalist at your service! I assure you, I know a lot about the nuts and bolts of the platform. I’ll show you everything I know in (drumroll please) … 3 … 2 … 1 …  0!!!!!

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