Ready set math!

The free and open version of the “Ready set math!” camp is now available for the end of year revision!

Perfect for elementary and high school students, the camp offers:

  • Six activities per level, nearly 60 exercises
  • A total of 500 mathematical exercises carefully selected by our team to allow for a complete revision

The revision activities cover key contents of your
mathematics program:

  • QUEBEC: from grade 3 to secondary 4
  • ONTARIO: from grade 3 to 10
  • MANITOBA: from grade 3 to 9
  • ALBERTA: from grade 3 to 9
  • NEW BRUNSWICK: from grade 3 to 9

The “Ready set math!” camp is perfect for classroom use with students.

Simply show up on the board, and if your setup allows, invite your students to go to the page and try the chosen activities directly!

Try the activities now