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About Netmath

  • Netmath is an online math-learning platform aligned with Canada’s various math curriculums.


  • Netmath offers children from Grade 1 to Secondary 4 different visual and interactive representations of math concepts for most levels from elementary school to high school.


  • The platform is available in English and French across Canada.


  • It is accessible on the Internet using a computer or tablet.


  • Netmath activities are aligned with learning outcomes for various curriculums:- Canada: Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba and New Brunswick


  • Netmath is used in every school board in Quebec, as well as elsewhere in Canada and in the United States (Buzzmath).


  • Over 600 000 students are subscribed in Canada
    – 36 school boards in Quebec
    – 4 school boards in Alberta
    – 3 school boards in New Brunswick
    – 1 school board in Manitoba
    – Franco-Ontarian students are subscribed from Grade 1 to Grade 9

User Interface

Here are some examples of content within Netmath, and how the user interface looks like.


Video on the presentation of the missions

Netmath activities

Interactive objects


The following wallpapers are all in high definition, 1920×1080 pixels.