Great news! Netmath is available for Grades 1 & 2!

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Great news!
Netmath is also available for Grades 1 and 2!

Coming August 2020

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NM EN Primaire 1-2

CTA sur la landing page informationelle NM EN pour primaire 1-2.

A simplified learning experience
and comprehensive tool,
adored by every person in the classroom


Quality screen time,
no matter the class setting

Comprehensive coverage of early math concepts and applications through hands-on activities

A playful approach based on best practices and research in didactics

Detailed reports so you can see the progress of each student. Ensures timely intervention when needed!

  • “A struggling student once said to me,
    “I started over until I got it all right.”
    She would never have done that in her notebook!”

    Lucie Beauvais3rd grade teacher, Sainte-Julie

At Netmath, we believe in the power of mathematical play for building confidence and curiosity for all students.

  • “Technology will not replace great teachers but technology in the hands of great teachers can be transformational.”

    George Couros

Play, love, learn…
since 2004

With the help of Netmath, millions of students build confidence and curiosity from grade 3 through high school, regardless of their background.

Over 70% of Quebec students are now using the platform!

  • Easy to put in place
  • French and English versions
  • Also works on tablets
  • A remarkable support team
  • Safe data
  • Eligible for funding

Spark math conversation
early for all students

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