Elementary and Middle School
Math Practice for Proficiency

Why Students Love it

  • It’s impressive. Finally an online math app that is fun to use and that does not put students into a trance from repeatedly answering multiple choice questions.
  • It’s useful! Students see similar examples to instantly determine why the answer was wrong and can retry with different values.
  • It’s simple! Clear goals are provided for students. They must complete assignments, accumulate stars, unlock missions, restore Mathlantis and proclaim victory as a mathematical hero.

Why Parents Love Netmath

  • Quality. Tons of useful interactions with a clear path to success.
  • Efficiency. On demand examples, automated corrections and the insight you need to help your children, quickly.
  • Flexibility. Use for review or enrichment.
  • Simplicity. Track your child’s progress through his portfolio.

Thousands of activities aligned to each Province’s math curriculum.


Automated Corrections and On Demand Examples

A Variety of Input Styles

Reports and Progress Monitoring

Answers and Examples

10 Synthesis Missions

No Installation and Unlimited Access

Integrated Motivation

30 Demonstrations and 40 Explorations

  • I just wanted to say that your website is awesome. It helps me a lot and it’s one hundred times more fun to study using my computer instead of notebooks.

    A student at Collège Reine-Marie
  • I find your website very very useful to do revision before exams. It helped me improve my grades.

    A student at Jean-Eudes College
  • My son’s grades improved 20% with Netmath!

    Josée Leduc, Mother of Samuel, Student at des Patriotes de Beauharnois High School
  • This site has saved my son from summer school and increased his average! It’s really great for struggling students or for those who want to review their mathematics without racking their brains.

    A parent of a 3rd grade high school student