The Women Behind Netmath

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They are designer, business analyst, author, content integrator, account executive, graphic designer, customer service agent, translator, accountant, and they contribute to improving the education of thousands of students.

March 8th is a day that celebrates women, or more specifically, women’s rights. Although women are still under-represented in companies that specialize in technology and innovation – and there is more work to be done to increase their number -, they are represented well.

We are taking advantage of this day to introduce you to the women behind Netmath. Whether they are optimizing the functions of our app, perfecting its content, design, or interface, or facilitating communications with our platform’s users, they all contribute to the education of thousands of students through their work. Get to know them!


Emilie is a UI designer

Émilie just recently joined Scolab to strengthen the Design team. Through her work, she ensures that Netmath’s interface is consistent, fun, and easy to use for the thousands of students and teachers who use it everyday.

Learn more about Emilie



Isabelle is a business analyst 

Isabelle joined Scolab in 2013. She started as a customer service representative and now she is a business analyst. As part of the Product team, she contributes to improving Netmath. She analyzes, plans, and prioritizes the next functions to be developed.

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Marie-Eve is a French author

In collaboration with the Content team, Marie-Ève writes the text of the activities available to students in Netmath. She makes sure that they are easy to understand and adapted to the students’ grades and different curriculums. With excellent knowledge of the publishing platform, she is also involved in integrating activities in Netmath.



Erika is a content integrator

Erika has a central place in our Content team that creates all the activities that students complete on Netmath. She makes sure that they are high-quality as well as dynamic and fun for students. To do this, she creates and modifies the content of activities that she publishes all while taking care of related tasks like translation and corrections.

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Janie is Account Executive

Janie, who just recently joined the Sales team, develops and maintains our business relationships with teachers and Buzzmath users. Her experience as a Director of Financial Services definitely has a positive impact on the quality of her work. When helping American teachers to make the right choice for their students, her friendly, personalized approach and active listening make her an outstanding advisor who can be counted on right away!



Athlene is an English author

Like Marie-Ève, Athlene works with the Content team. She is responsible for writing the text of math activities that are aligned with the Common Core for the American version of Netmath: Buzzmath.



Carmen is a UX designer

Carmen is a new member of the Design team. Her role is to work on the emotional dimension to encourage motivation and the joy of learning and teaching with Netmath. To do this, she organizes class visits, creation workshops, and test sessions to better understand the reality of students and teachers. Then, with the team, she makes any changes necessary to improve the experience of users on the platform.



Jany is a graphist designer

Jany plays a big role in the way Netmath’s visual identity appears in our communication tools; this goes hand in hand with the work she does in illustration. She is also involved in creating websites and visuals for the Global Math Week and the 2017 Netmath’s Can You Math? Challenge, giving substance to the identities of these two events.


Lara is a Customer service agent

Lara just recently joined the Support team. Like her colleagues, her role is to ensure that our users are satisfied with the product and to liaise between them and the team behind Netmath. On a day-to-day basis, this means answering questions from users and helping them navigate the platform.


We also collaborate regularly with:

  • Aurie, who translates our blog posts and Netmath activities from French to English.
  • Magali, who works as customer support. Her role is to preserve harmony with customers and ensure that their experiences remain positive, no matter what the issue is.
  • Johanne, an accountant technician who takes care of paying invoices, reconciling sales, and helping the financial manager with projects.


You can learn more about out team and their different jobs on our blog in the section called Behind the Scenes.

We are always very excited to add more women to the team, so don’t hesitate to take a look at OUR JOB OFFERS.