The People Behind Netmath: Ludovic

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Captain of our Platform team and Zen master

Meet Ludovic, the Zen Master of Scolab! He is also the Captain of our Platform team. In other words, he manages the developers who ensure the smooth running of the Netmath platform on which the students practice.


Me at Scolab

Early on, I knew I had a real passion for teaching. While I was a Master’s student, my enthusiasm allowed me to teach to the BA program. At the end of my studies, I left to discover the world for 7 years, including stays in India and Nepal where I discovered the practice of Yoga and Buddhist meditation. In 2014, back in Quebec, I was delighted to join the Scolab team in order to put my knowledge of software architecture and my love of well-written code to good use.

My role is to ensure that the Platform team is aligned with the company’s priorities; that it is healthy and effective, and that our practices guarantee development of quality.


My Profile in 3.14

3 key words

  • Samurai
  • Attentive
  • Genuine


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Understanding the information needs of users.


Designing systems capable of managing this information.


Building these systems.


Develop the current system so that it can be exploited.