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Isabelle and Scolab: the story of a fast-paced evolution!

Four years ago, Isabelle joined the Netmath team. So much has changed since then! First in her job, because she started as a customer service representative and transitioned into a business analyst at Scolab. And then in the work environment, because in 2014 the company’s offices were located in the basement of the parents of our President, Carl Malartre. Back then, the team had around ten people. Isabelle’s evolution is just like Scolab’s: fast-paced. She’s going to share it with us!


Me at Scolab

After my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, I worked for three large aeronautics companies in production planning and continuous improvement. When I joined Scolab in 2013, my first position was in customer service, but I also collaborated directly with the developers. I acted as an intermediary between the customer and the developers, informing them about issues encountered in the Netmath app so we could put our heads together about how to improve their experience. That was my favourite part!

I have been working on the product team for a year now, where I have the opportunity to contribute even more to improving our platform. Together, we determine any updates needed to make Netmath easier and more fun to use for the 22 000 teachers, 600 000 students, and nearly 5 500 families subscribed. Specifically, I analyze, plan, and prioritize the new functionalities to be developed. I participate in classroom visits to gather comments from students and teachers and I test new developments. I’m involved in a lot of different things at any given time! Because of my experience in customer service, I always try to consider these improvements by keeping in mind the needs expressed by our users. On that note, you can help us test several of the updates planned for the 2018/2019 school year.

I have witnessed the evolution of Netmath, as well as the company that develops it. Four years ago, when I started at Scolab, we worked in the basement of the parents of Carl, our President. We were around ten employees! One month after I was hired, the whole team traveled south to work for a month with their toes in the sand. I had the chance to accompany them for a week and I loved the experience. I got to know everyone better and it confirmed that I had found a wonderful team!

Today, we have 35 employees! We also collaborate with around ten people externally. From that basement, we have grown to 7000 square feet in our offices located in Hochelaga in Montréal. It’s a wonderful work environment with lots of greenery, modular areas and workstations, four meeting rooms, a break room, and a ping-pong table that is often under attack.

Let’s play: find Isabelle in these photos!

My evolution, like Scolab’s, has been fast and significant! And our hard work has been rewarded! In 2017, the Chambre de commerce de l’Est de Montréal awarded us two prizes at the Gala ESTim. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us…

Yesterday, Scolab received not one, but two Prizes, including the Public Prize, at #GalaESTim of Chambre de commerce de l'Est de Montréal! We are very happy of this beautiful recognition!

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This video reminds me of my first trip abroad when I spent one month in Europe. The trip started with an outdoor music festival in Germany where I saw Muse, my favourite band.


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