The People Behind Netmath: Érika

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Creating fun and dynamic activities to help students develop a love of learning

Érika is a content integrator who joined the growing Scolab team less than a year ago. Today, she has a central role in our content team, which creates all the activities that students complete on Netmath. Meet Érika!


Me at Scolab

I am a content integrator and I work with a great team of other positive and motivated integrators. My mission is make sure we develop high quality activities that are engaging and fun for students! To do this, I create and modify the content of activities I publish and deal with related tasks like translating and editing. This all happens in collaboration with other dynamic and engaged teams at Scolab, both here at the office and at other locations.

What I love most about Scolab is the constant innovation. Always searching for the best ways to present content to students inspires me because I think it’s important to help students enjoy learning and feel valued. Here, creativity comes first. It’s really motivating to be able to contribute to their success by creating fun activities!


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