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President and co-founder of Netmath

Netmath is the brainchild of two very inquisitive minds: that of teacher Claude Laverdure and of young computer science graduate Carl Malartre. A Secondary 1 and 2 mathematics teacher, Claude designed small, educational software modules for his students. He suggested that Carl make them available to everyone on the Internet, and in so doing, lay the foundation on which Netmath would grow. A year later, in 2004, Carl co-founded the digital publishing house Scolab with Jean-Philippe, Steve and Tom. Their objective? To bring Claude’s vision to fruition. Mission accomplished!

My role at Scolab

As the president of Scolab, all of my energy is focused on helping the people who work for the company and on attracting new talented individuals who will help us reach our goals. Our mission is to help students and teachers develop their full potential through educational technology. I ensure that my collaborators make the most of their meetings with teachers and students, so that we can develop content and tools that meet their needs. Our goal is to challenge the statu quo and to put greater emphasis on leadership than on management; in other words, not only provide guidance, but also innovate!

I am convinced that within three to five years, Scolab will redefine the meaning of good educational and entertaining content, and not only in the subject of mathematics. Netmath is the workbook reinvented to enhance the learning experience. Paper workbooks will eventually be considered inadequate in shaping the great minds of tomorrow!

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Kite Mobile au Lac Mégantic

Une superbe fin de semaine au Lac Mégantic pour la deuxième étape de la Coupe du Québec de Kite sur neige à Snowkite Lac Mégantic.Lors de cet évènement, Kite Mobile a eu l'occasion de donner des formations d'introduction, du perfectionnement suivi d'un démo de freestyle!Bravo à tous pour cette fin de semaine incroyable!

Posted by Kite Mobile on Monday, March 7, 2016

This video reminds me that in Quebec, kiteboarding can be both a summer and a winter sport! However, it hasn’t caught on yet. I did some in Costa Rica, and I can’t wait to do some more!

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