The Best of our Social Media in January

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A strong start to 2017!

A new results panel for teachers, the Global Math Project that kicks off and some great ideas to help your students better understand fractions… no doubt about it, the year is starting strong on Netmath. And that’s just the beginning!

So, for those of you who haven’t been following, here is a small summary of what happened this month on our social medias:


An even better Results Panel on Netmath!

Check it out: a new Results Panel is now available on Netmath in your teacher’s account! With a completely redesigned results screen and new data easier to understand and interpret, the Results Panel allows you to better track the progress of your students. We cannot wait for you to try it and share your opinion of it with us!



The Global Math Project kicks off!

This month, you were able to see a discussion focussing on math education between two inspired and inspiring mathematicians: James Tanton, who popularized the mathematical game “Exploding Dots” and Sunil Singh, from the Scolab team. Both are ambassadors of the Global Math Project, the first edition of which will take place in October 2017.

Teaching math. A discussion with Sunil Singh and James Tanton.

Nous avons profité d’une visite du mathématicien James Tanton pour parler enseignement des mathématiques. Il s’est entretenu avec Sunil Singh, de notre équipe des ventes. Sunil est également spécialiste de l’enseignement des mathématiques et ambassadeur pour le The Global Math Project. Voici un aperçu – en anglais – de leurs échanges.Pour voir la discussion au complet, c'est ici :–When the mathematician James Tanton visited Scolab, we took the opportunity to discuss teaching mathematics with him. He talked with Sunil Singh, from our sales team. Sunil is also a specialist in teaching math and an ambassador for the Global Math Project. Here is a sneak peak of their talk. Watch the entire discussion:

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The full discussion can be found here.

The Global Math Project experience begins as of now, with a Live Chat on Twitter hosted by another project ambassador, Matthew Beyranevand. Follow this promising and exciting discussion on Tuesday, 31 January at 8pm, and participate by using the hashtag #GMW2017.


Mastering fractions: the continuation and conclusion of a series of good ideas from the teacher, Valérie Lebel.

Always looking for good ideas to help understand mathematical concepts, our Netmath expert and E-learning Specialist Simon Lavallée, turned towards Valérie Lebel, an Elementary math resource teacher at Dollard-Des-Ormeaux school of the Central Québec School Board. Valerie showed him the simple and fun material she designed to help students with fractions. Here is the last one of a serie of 3 articles that show how to use this material in class or with your children.

In two previous articles, our expert, Simon Lavallée, showed us how the ideas of Valerie could offer a fun and simple…

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And our stars of the month are:

Halana and her students who discovered Netmath. Welcome to the great family of Netmathicians.


And a big thank you to Joseph and TDSB Virtual Library for reminding everyone that Netmath is free in Ontario for French immersion classes.



Finally, here is the solution to Sonya’s challenge this month:


The two missing numbers are: 191 and 355.

Why? The sum of two numbers contained in diametrically opposed circles must always be equal to 368 when these circles correspond to a white point and to 569 when it is a black point. 

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