Learning Everything About The Global Math Project Thanks to our Webinar Series

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A collaboration between Scolab and The Global Math Project

Last February, Scolab – the studio behind Netmath – and The Global Math Project have launched a new webinar series dedicated to the upcoming Global Math Week’s first edition. 10 upcoming episodes to learn everything about this major event in the world of mathematics.

The webinar series are hosted by Sunil Singh, Math specialist and Learning Solutions Manager at Scolab – who is also an ambassador for the Global Math Project and a regular contributor for The New York Times Numberplay Blog – with mathematician James Tanton, who popularized the famous “Exploding dots”.

The first session was last February 7th. Have a look at it!


Episode #2 will air March 7th at 7pm Eastern Standard Time. It will be available to everyone, as the number of attendees is limited! Subscribe online to access these free webinar series.

The Global Math Project – Episode 2
TUESDAY, MARCH 7th – 7pm



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