How does Netmath’s Can You Math Challenge Play Out?

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From Monday 1st to Friday 5th of May 2017: Get ready!

Netmath’s Can You Math Challenge begins very soon! So we would like to give you a short summary on how it will work.


The competition takes place on the Netmath platform, from Monday May 1st to Friday May 5th, during school hours, between 7am and 4pm. Teachers who have entered their classes in the competition choose the day they want their students to participate.


On the day of the contest, the setup is very simple:

  1. The students connect to their Netmath account.
  2. They access the contest by clicking the “Participate in the contest” button, on the home page.
  3. They then have 30 minutes to complete the challenge.
    Don’t worry: your students can take breaks at any moment, then continue where they left off. They just have to participate during the week of the contest, during class hours.

By completing the activities of the contest, students earn as many points as possible, up to a maximum of 250 points.

How to earn points?

1 to 8 points are awarded for each page completed, according to the level of difficulty of the problem. A student is allowed as many tries as they need in order to complete each page. However, after each try, the number of points available on that page is reduced by 1, down to a minimum of 1 point per page. The student can skip a page and return if necessary. Each grade level has a bonus question that’s worth 15 or 20 points.

And that’s everything! All that’s left is to wish you GOOD LUCK!
There’s still time to sign up your classes! Do it now at


For the perfect CYM experience!

Here are some resources that should make Netmath’s Can You Math Challenge even more enjoyable to you and your class. Simply start by listening to Jonathan’s tips in the video right below!


Have a look at this presentation prepared with care that will help you get ready for the challenge:

View the presentation

Print (and cut out!) some fun images to bring some additional joy to your classroom during the challenge!

Download the images