Get better insights into your students’ progress with the new Results Panel!

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To be discovered in your Teacher Account!

Surprise! You now have access to a great new feature in your Netmath account: the completely redesigned Results Panel! We’ve improved it to give you relevant information on the work completed by your students for each activity.

With a completely redesigned results screen and new data, the Results Panel will make it easy for you to monitor and interpret the level of achievement demonstrated by your class or by individual students. It will help you to identify the pages and concepts that are well understood, along with those that are challenging; and also to find out the number of attempts needed by your students to successfully complete each activity page.


You can access all these insights now by clicking the “Results Panel” button found in the header section of each activity.




To learn more about the difference between the old “Accuracy” and the new “Results Panel”, please click here.

We hope you enjoy this new feature! Try it yourself!