Introduction to Netmath

  • The Netmath Missions: A Thrilling Adventure Through the History of Mathematics

    Unlock the 10 missions to save Mathlantis Our math learning platform offers a wide range of activities to discover and…

  • 5 Good Reasons to Try Netmath

    All you need to know about the number 1 digital learning resource for mathematics in Canada Mathematics, let’s face it,…

  • Netmath: Smart Features for Students

    From the Schoolbag to the Tablet, the Benefits of Digital Learning Martin arrives for math class. He takes out his…

  • Netmath: 5 Essential Features for Teachers

    Tools designed for you With Netmath, we aim to save you time in supporting students throughout their learning. Valuable time…

  • Enjoying mathematics, one activity at a time

    Grasping a new concept, putting it into practice, understanding and integrating it, and then reusing that knowledge can sometimes be…

  • Révision Netmaths BG

    Review: How Can Netmath Help You

    The Review Activities Starting the school year brushing up on everything that students have taken all summer to forget is…

  • How can I get the activation codes for my class?

    It’s the start of another school year! It’s time to create your account and those of your students. To do so,…

  • Netmath: A Game Changer in Math Education

    Netmath is now available in English in four Canadian provinces! Until now, Netmath – Canada’s number one digital math resource…


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