A very special greeting card!

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Quite often when we think about the holidays, we think about joy, giving gifts, the magic of the season, family, decorations and more. But the holidays are not only that, they’re also about sharing, helping each other and giving something back to the community. It’s the perfect time to show others we’re thinking of them with our actions.


That’s why, this year, we’re sending you a very special greeting card: a card and coupon that are all about helping each other. Here’s how it works


In the space provided on the coupon, write in an action that will benefit the person receiving the card, for instance:


At any time, this coupon entitles you to…


  • Borrow a book from me
  • Ask me for help with your homework
  • Do the activity of your choice with me
  • Come play at my house with me
  • Borrow my favourite game
  • Choose the movie we’re going to watch


The goal of the card is simply to brighten the day of a friend, a member of your family, a teacher, etc., by providing them with a service and showing the person how much they mean to you through the smallest of gestures.   


All you need to do to make someone’s day is print the card, fill out the coupon and give it to them!  

So why not share the card with your friends, your teacher, your family, etc., and spread the spirit of helping each other and giving something back for the holidays.  


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Happy holidays!