The Characters From the Netmath Universe

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Behind the Scenes

Today, we are opening the doors of our studio to let you discover our illustrations. In fact, all the pictures you see in Netmath are created by our team. Here is how our very unique universe and characters are shaped and brought to life.


A fun, dynamic and colorful universe

When Mathieu is drawing, he always keeps in mind the educational platform he wished he had when he was young. A world of puzzles and adventures, where games and entertainment are at the core of learning. Our illustrator explains: “I want to make something interesting for them by creating a fun, dynamic and colorful universe. The whole idea is to turn an unpopular discipline into something exciting.”


From the very first draft to the final picture

The creation of Alfred started with a series of freehand sketches, with different approaches. “We were trying to create a mascot. We wanted a funny and cool teacher”. The one that caught the team’s attention was this little character, half-teacher half-scientist. A sort of friendly mad scientist, that looks slightly like Albert Einstein, as some of you have probably noticed.

After few modifications and adjustments, Alfred was finally brought to life digitally and in color. Over time, Alfred goes through a few makeovers in order to remain up-to-date with current design standards. We played with contrast, color saturation, and made some small changes to his physical appearance… Alice, Alfred’s female equivalent, went through the same process.


Our world and characters allow us to make teaching Math more pleasant and engagingfor students, and that’s why we care about them so much.

Which character would you like to see next on Netmath?