Can You Math: How Is the Ranking Established?

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Find out more about the challenge’s ranking

Netmath’s Can You Math Challenge ended last Friday, May 5 at 4 PM. More than 95 000 students have taken on the challenge with great success during these 5 days of competition. Now our team is working on the final count and the ranking. In the next few days, you will discover the position of your students, your class and your school. In the meantime, we give you a short summary on how the ranking is done.


A Triple Ranking: Students, Classes, and Schools

The ranking of the Can You Math contest is done both by province – Québec, Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba and New-Brunswick – and by grade, on three levels: the school, the class, and the students.

To reach the top of the ranking, you have to accumulate as many points as possible in 30 minutes, for a maximum of 250 points per student. The higher your scores, the more likely you are to see your class and school reach the top positions.

Students can make as many attempts as they want to successfully complete each page of the contest. However, with each new attempt, the maximum number of points that can be earned is reduced by 1, down to a minimum of 1 point per page.

Method of Calculating the Rankings and Prizes to win

Winning Student

For every grade, the student with the best score will receive a Pi 2017 medal. A student is considered to be a participant if they earned at least one point.


Winning Class

The score of a class (of 45 students maximum) is determined based on the following calculations:

  • for classes with 15 or fewer participating students, the result corresponds to the cumulative total of the points of the students in the class.
  • for classes with more than 15 participating students, the score is calculated by multiplying the average of the students’ results by 15. (Ex.: If a class has 20 students, the score will be calculated like this: the average of the results of the 20 students is calculated, and then multiplied by 15).

These calculation methods make it possible to weigh and balance the results and chances of winning for different sizes of classes (classes with more or fewer than 15 students).

For every grade, the class with the best score will be awarded the Winning Class 2017 trophy.


For every grade, the 100 students and 20 classes with the best scores will be given certificates and Can You Math Contest 2017 badges.


Winning School

To be eligible for this award, a school must have a minimum of 4 classes registered for the contest from at least 2 different grades. The score of a school is determined by calculating the average of the points of the participating classes at the school.

The school with the best score will receive the Winning School 2017 banner.


It generally takes 4 to 6 weeks to receive these prizes. Please note that you can also win one of the 6 participation Grand Prizes.

And that’s it! We hope this article helps to understand better how the contest’s ranking is done. See you soon for the results!